A Review of BLOOD MOON 4

I was asked to review BLOOD MOON written by Tori Minard, so here it is:

I expected a vampire novel based on just the title – BLOOD MOON. Boy was I surprised, it was so much more than I thought. Tori had me from the very beginning when the heroine was searching for a house with character. The longer I read the more involved and more intriguing the plot became.  I had trouble putting the book down and heading off to bed in the wee hours of the morning. The only reason I could put it down was, I ended up re-reading the same paragraph over and over. Oh, I don’t know how many times.  But first thing in the morning my nose was right back in there reading. That’s my indication of a very well written book.

The details of her descriptions allowed me to picture everything from the setting, to the ghosts, hero and heroine, and of the bad guys. Yet, it didn’t overwhelm the story. I loved the heroine, Eve and could identify with her. The hero changed as I read. Starting out as the personality of the house, when he manifested as a ghost, when I thought he might be a vampire, and his final  manifestation into a live-full-blooded Amaki man.  Throughout his transformations he was definitely a true hero. Michael fought to protect Eve even when he was a ghost, against a blood thirsty spirit, a killer, and himself.  He saw the two marks still bloody on Eve’s neck. And he had just dreamed of making love to her and drinking her blood. Did it really happen? No spoilers here.

Oh and the Amaki’s they’re a fae race, like man, but with magic and superhuman strength, very long lived. I met several in her book and I wouldn’t mind finding an Amaki man of my own.

If I were you I’d put Tori Minard and this book, BLOOD MOON on your must read list.  I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did.

Well, I’m off to purchase the rest of her books. Can’t wait to start reading them!

A Time For Change 3

It’s time for me to extend myself into the world. I’ve been isolated
for far too long now and it’s getting to me, bring me down. Writing is a solitary
job but I’m not a solitary person. I need to be around people to be happy. So,
I’ve decided to get a part time job, interacting with the public. I don’t
really care what I do, as long as I’m surrounded with different, interesting, individuals.

There is another part to this decision as well. I need
repairs done to my central air conditioner and landscaping projects. Both will
cost big bucks and I don’t want to deplete my savings.  I have double incentive now to earn
money.  For the holidays, it’ll probably
be a full time endeavor, after only part time. I still need time for my
writing. As a side note … I signed up for NaNoWriMo this year. A new story will
be written this November. I’m excited about it.

This should give me the best of both worlds. I’ll get my
people fix and have the time to write my stories.

Wish me luck!


Welcome Message 2

It’s difficult to write about myself since most of the time I don’t really do anything that I consider interesting. There are times when I go on vacations or a writer’s conference or
something staggers my world and I will let you know about those events. But most of my excitement comes from a make-believe world and the fascinating people I meet are the characters I dream up and give life too. You know what I mean – a dream that seemed so real and exciting it had me picking up the phone to call someone and tell them the good news only to realize it didn’t really happen – it was just a scene for my current work in progress.

I’ve decided to open this website up to communicate, to find out what you’d like to read, the stories that are your favorites, what has been the most memorable story the kind you can’t get
out of your head. So, this site is more about communication on what you’d like to read and to write a little of my life and struggle to become a published author as well as bits and pieces of my life or stories.

I will devote several hours each day to answer questions or comment – at least two hours. And once a week I’ll blog about something’s that’s been on my mind or have a guest author talk to
you. If time permits and I find myself having more time I can always post more
– but I’ll start small with only one blog per week… for now if I can