A Time For Change

It’s time for me to extend myself into the world. I’ve been isolated
for far too long now and it’s getting to me, bring me down. Writing is a solitary
job but I’m not a solitary person. I need to be around people to be happy. So,
I’ve decided to get a part time job, interacting with the public. I don’t
really care what I do, as long as I’m surrounded with different, interesting, individuals.

There is another part to this decision as well. I need
repairs done to my central air conditioner and landscaping projects. Both will
cost big bucks and I don’t want to deplete my savings.  I have double incentive now to earn
money.  For the holidays, it’ll probably
be a full time endeavor, after only part time. I still need time for my
writing. As a side note … I signed up for NaNoWriMo this year. A new story will
be written this November. I’m excited about it.

This should give me the best of both worlds. I’ll get my
people fix and have the time to write my stories.

Wish me luck!


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