About Me


Photo by Mark Oxley / Studio 16

Hi!    I’m Carolyn J Coles a struggling writer working toward being published. It all started with reading and some of the stories I read didn’t end the way I thought they should – so I made new endings for them. Of course these weren’t romance books they were mysteries and science fiction. I read romance books when I was young in my late teens and early twenties but got away from them while I pursued my degree in computer science. I still made up stories in my mind like movies but didn’t share them with anyone.

For 18 years I’ve defined myself as a computer programmer /analyst and even owned my own consulting company. (www.cjwright.com )  I love a challenge with developing new software and love to play with new technologies. The web stuff, however, was never part of my skill set. So, I’m teaching myself website development, blogging, and even making trailers and I’m still playing with the software that creates them.

During the 18 years, I married and now have two sons, whom I’m very proud of by the way – they know that too. I made a move from Centerville, Ohio to New Jersey. It was here, where I started reading romance books again especially at the pool. While reading one I had a brain epiphany – I can do this! I was looking for a change anyway, something exciting and challenging. I had no idea how hard it was to write a novel. I started taking online classes, joining writing groups and reading craft books. I needed to improve my writing skills. It was so different and difficult to write what I pictured down on paper so others could see the same thing I did.