It’s difficult to write about myself since most of the time I don’t really do anything that I consider interesting. There are times when I go on vacations or a writer’s conference or
something staggers my world and I will let you know about those events. But most of my excitement comes from a make-believe world and the fascinating people I meet are the characters I dream up and give life too. You know what I mean – a dream that seemed so real and exciting it had me picking up the phone to call someone and tell them the good news only to realize it didn’t really happen – it was just a scene for my current work in progress.

I’ve decided to open this website up to communicate, to find out what you’d like to read, the stories that are your favorites, what has been the most memorable story the kind you can’t get
out of your head. So, this site is more about communication on what you’d like to read and to write a little of my life and struggle to become a published author as well as bits and pieces of my life or stories.

I will devote several hours each day to answer questions or comment – at least two hours. And once a week I’ll blog about something’s that’s been on my mind or have a guest author talk to
you. If time permits and I find myself having more time I can always post more
– but I’ll start small with only one blog per week… for now if I can